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Ballers Ride 2015 V6 May 22 to May 25


Once a year NixFrixShun digs deep into the war chest to sponsor a little shindig for bicycle industry. Below find the bill of affairs for 2015:

Ballers Ride 2015 V5 5/22 - 5/25

Make your deals and appeals or whatever it takes to get the time off from what-ever-the-eff-it-is-you-do NOW to be at Ballers Ride 2014 I'm not kidding.

The question on everyone's mind, how many male egos will be shattered when Cindy tears their freakin' legs off on the descents? Can Nic repeat his stellar performance of 2014. Will JoniT and her hubby be there classing the joint up? Is there a doping control? Prolly.

As you are aware by now we sell NFS, camping spots and rooms at Ballers to pay the tab at Ballers for the invited builders. When you sign up for Ballers remember that you are supporting something really awesome and you too are invited end of story.

In order to signup for Ballers you must contact me directly via email. I'll provide a PP link and you are set.

This year will have a familiar format and pace as past Ballers Ride events generally as follows:

5/22 - arrive in the morning, bike setup, decal party and a mandatory shakedown ride so we can all mock you if parts fly off your spanky new rig. - post shakedown ride tally of lost parts than a catered dinner at the Inn.  Get some sleep you'll need it pal.

5/22 - Catered Dinner at about 7:30 pm

5/23 - Ballers Ride V6, Group photo > Sign the board like a BOSS > shove off > don't pass Too Tall until we hit dirt than go nuts.  *Note you must wear a helmet, listen to the safety speech, sign in and sign out AND carry sufficient repair parts to support yourself and Nate Zukas.  

Note about the saturday ride:
This is as serious a ride as it ever was with zero to NO hope for support/food/water and nobody is driving behind to save your bacon. THEREFORE we depend on each other in the true spirit of Ballers, if you are in the lead KNOW THE BLINKING ROUTE! Stop after particularly harsh sections and take a nose count of your discreet Groupetto(s). We do not expect you to stay in a one large pack, ain't happening but we do expect to have many smaller groups of similar ability.

Mandatory Carry items: 2 tubes, patch kit or 1 spare tubular, chain link (1) the rest is up to you. Don't bother with a cell phone, there is almost no reception. A GPS is a terrific idea but we have very few people who get lost regardless.

5/23 - When you arrive back at the Inn SIGN IN with your time and signature - Apres' Vous chowdown. I'll have a ton of food ready after the ride. There will be black beans, chili maybe the BBQ grill will fire up...never know but there will be chow.

5/23 - 3:30 - Builder Talks - After brief respite and all the boo boos have been kissed and sanitized we'll hear from the builders. We'll tap some interesting folks for this portion of the show AND we will hold an open mike session moderated by Josh and a mystery guest. Please be sober(ish) and hold down the cat calls until after they have finished their first mandatory burbon kay?

5/23 - Catered dinner at the Inn for all

5/24 - Breakfast served at 8:00

5/24 - Depart 9:30 Long Parkway Road Ride, we'll hit some of the most amazing PAVED roads the Shenandoah has to offer. I want to see a lot of talking pace bar to bar riding and generally eff'ing off while riding a bike. The route is no "joke" there will be close to 8k climbing and 80'ish miles but no dirt and as before few opportunities for support...bring food and stop for water at ANY opportunity.\

*Note you must wear a helmet and listen to the safety talk before the ride, sign out and sign in on the board or I'll beat you!!!  Again, we depend on each other for support.  Do not ride alone.

5/24 - When you arrive there will be sumptuous lunch.

5/24 - 3:30pm Sunday Industry Talks with guest speakers - ALL HANDS ON DECK this is a great time to learn.

5/24 - Catered Dinner at approximately 7pm

5/25 - Vamoos.  Time to leave NLT 12 Noon.  Please clean up or do your best to help keep us coming back as invited guests to the Inn.

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