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Folks, I'm going to cancel camp due to low numbers.

All I've got to say about this is it's nuts and we are shaking our heads wondering how in the world?

In this day and age where Fondos and Gravel events dominate the landscape our camps may have seen their day come and gone.

For the record, in the past we have always recruited deposits for 50% or more available vacancies within days or a couple weeks announcing.

Deposits are being returned as we speak.

See you on the road


Ballers Spring Camp & Retreat - 2017 April 20 - April 24

Ballers Spring Camp has received a re-boot. After a too long break from our infamous Va Mountain camps T.K. and I have, found, ridden, cursed and prayed for mercy to the new West, Va routes that will be yours to conquer in 2017.

Ballers Camp is for folks who are competent riders and are able to ride very challenging mixed terrain for 6+ hrs. in any conditions. We know of many riders who are able to do this even if you have rarely ridden mixed terrain. If you have solid bike skills and fitness and are coachable we are going to coach and teach you how to really get the most out of these adventurous rides. If you are already familiar with mixed terrain riding BOY HOWDY are you going to have a blast. These routes are the finest I've ever ridden anywhere. Did I mention this is hard? This is going to be very hard and I know you can do it.

Camp is located on top of a mountain in West Virginia at a remote location far from services and silly things like convenience stores or gas stations. For that reason this camp will be fully supported during rides and after. "Fully Supported" does not mean there is a sag wagon. The goal is to ride E.F.I. Don't google that.

Also, T.K. myself and a couple of other experts will coach during rides and teach / lecture afterwards on things like: high speed handling on dirt, tubeless tires management and how to fuel your body for a long hard day.

If you have been to our camps before you know you will not starve. We will have breakfast available well before rides and serve a killer dinner. We will have on hand fantastic recovery drinks for after the ride and snacks to tide you over before dinner.

Calendar Items:
April 20 (arrive) to April 24, 2017 (depart day) . This is going to be a VERY hard camp and is focused on extremely rural mtns. of West Va. that include all sorts of dirt roads and "adventure" ;) Because there is zero in the way of stores etc. I'll have to fully support all rides with a vehicle and cook all meals. We are really "out there". All rides are in the 5,000k climbing range or more and include: dirt, unridable uphills and smooth roads.

April 20 - Short self guided leg opener. Take it easy, we have a lot of ground to cover the next few days.
April 21 - Lost in West Va - Bring lots of fuel and spares. We are going on an adventure. This ride includes everything and more.
April 22 - Too Talls Folly - Bring even more fuel and spares. We will be "out there" all day. You'll be shelled. This is a mystery ride, you will hear details at camp.
April 23 - Over the mtn. and thru the woods (4 to 5 hrs.) - Wild West Va. at it's finest. We ramble thru hollers and make our way to a long dirt climb back to an abandoned road. Wear your meatiest tires for the finish, the road is a euphemism for broken jeep track. There might be a stop over at a really amazing artist residence, never know.
April 24 - If you haven't had enough we'll take a spin down the mtn. as a last good bye to this beautiful and rare place.

I will begin taking full payments immediately with firm commitments from 15 riders. Once we hit the mark camp registration will be closed. In the event we do not fill camp I will return all funds 100% NLT four weeks prior to camp. Finding soulmates to share the suffering, joy and learning will help to create the sort of Camp Bonhomie we strive for.

# A very complete, clean, large residence with many bathrooms, full laundry, complete bike repair shop.
# Sleeping is in shared rooms. If you are worried about snoring bring ear plugs or I will give you mine. We insist on this arrangement to foster and support the spirit of adventure. Trust us, this is a beautiful place and we are 100% in love with the setup and so will you. *We will have a separate sleeping space for women.

# All riders will be required to have road bikes fitting 28mm tires at a minimum with 32 preferred.
# You must carry 3 tubes (clincher riders) and a general repair kit. Tubeless riders must carry 2 tubes at all times and know how to replace a tube.
# During rides carry 1500 calories of any sort you are familiar with for endurance riding
# Have a working cycling GPS and know how to use it.
# Carry at all times current proof of medical insurance, ID, Emergency contact info.

# After we receive your camp fees you get an email with required documents to complete and return immediately.

# Cost - $950 payable by check. Contact me for directions: info AT bicycle-coach DOT com. Purchase camp via this link: http://www.nixfrixshun.com/ballers-spring-camp-retreat-2017-april-20-april-24-1/

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